Chris Peel

I've been attached to a camera and a plane ticket in one way or another since a very young age. Photography and travel go hand in hand and for me it's how I convey what I experience on the road, in another country or even on the beaches and headlands of my home country Australia. 

Catching a moment in time is a simple task with the equipment we have access to today and it allows you to refine things as an artist much more than was possible during the film era when a young photographer faced many, many barriers to entry, the foremost being the sheer cost of film and processing. With those barriers gone and the advantage of almost instant feedback my focus has been on developing the craft of image capture and not developing film.

I work with hand crafted custom water housings and in the water shooting surfing is where I am most comfortable but my travels have taken me to the top of Japanese mountain ranges in deep winter, the dry dusty plains of South America, verdant green jungles of coastal Papua New Guinea and the long seductive waves of Indonesia's west coast … and a lot of places in between. The images I capture along the way have become as much a part of that whole experience as the travel itself.